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About us
We got to know each other more than ten years ago via an collector's ad in the magazine of the then just re-formed german fan club. For some reason we immediately got along well, probably because we both got the same screw loose. We also have similar interests outside our main hobby of QUEEN. Maybe that's one reason why we're still good friends - because we've got enough things to talk about outside our main obsession.

ME in Wales 2000
Profile of ME
Name: Michael Ehrt
Age: 33
Family: Engaged, two children and two cats
Profession: Programmer
Hobbies: QUEEN, Science Fiction, Books, Music...
Fan since: 1986
First record: One Vision
Favourite record: One Vision
Current obsession: Collecting laserdiscs (any offers to michael@queenvision.net please), making these pages work and running a sci-fi convention.
Worth mentioning: Plays bass guitar and piano
Contact: michael@queenvision.net

KS in Wales 2000
Profile of KS
Name: Kai Sörensen
Age: 38
Family: Married, one child
Profession: Gardener
Hobbies: Queen, Football, Internet
Fan since: 1979
First record: Live Killers
Favourite record: Queen I to A Day At The Races
Current obsession: Collecting tour posters (any offers to kai@queenvision.net please).
Contact: kai@queenvision.net

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